State Education Agency Executive Jobs

CCSSO does not accept resumes for the job postings below. Applicants should apply directly to these positions through the instructions on each posting/listing.

Listing of State Education Agency Executive Jobs:

Title: Project Coordinator

Location: Columbus, Ohio 

Description: The Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children is seeking a Project Coordinator to help build state systems that impact positive post-school outcomes for students with disabilities. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities agency to design and coordinate opportunities for transitional youth.

All qualified candidates should apply at no later than January 17, 2017.

Salary: $61,048 - $87,152 annually Date Posted: 1/5/17 | Closing Date: 1/17/17

Title: Director of Standards and Assessment 

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming 

Description: This is an at-will position for the Director of the Standards and Assessment Division. This position is charged with leading the Standards and Assessment Division by providing oversight and management for Wyoming's statewide assessment system which includes ensuring compliance with state and federal statutes, as well as Wyoming's Content and Performance Standards.

Salary: $7,080.00 - $8,850.00 Monthly Date Posted: 12/8/16 | Closing Date: Open Unitl Filled. 

Title: Executive Director of Federal Program Delivery 

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

The Executive Director of Federal Program Delivery will oversee the execution of the Every Student Succeeds Act in school systems and charter schools statewide. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Develops, in collaboration with the LDOE academic program offices, a cohesive strategy for school system academic planning and budget development that is focused on student needs and capitalizes on the increased flexibility in the Every Student Succeeds reauthorization
  • Coordinates engagement with and training opportunities for school business officials and federal program directors related to the alignment of academic planning and budget development, with an emphasis on data-driven decision-making and resource management
  • Evaluate and improve the agency's process for programmatic and budgetary approval of school system applications for obligated and discretionary grant funding
  • Manages a team of 15-20 staff members who conduct programmatic and budgetary grant application reviews, prepare mandated federal reports, coordinate federal monitoring visits, and work to ensure SEA and LEA compliance with federal program requirements
  • Oversees the planning, expenditure, and monitoring of approximately $75 million in state, federal, and special grants

Internal dependents and partners: The Executive Director of Strategic Implementation most closely coordinates with the State Superintendent, the Chief of Staff, and the Assistant Superintendents of Academic Content, Academic Policy, Portfolio and High School Opportunities. This position will manage the LDOE staff responsible for federal grant management, federal program reporting, and federal monitoring. 

Qualifications: Qualified candidates must have a bachelor's degree and five years of experience overseeing administration of projects, budgets, programs, or personnel. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the possibilities it provides to local school systems to serve students.  Most important is that the candidate enjoy working on a team, appreciate strategic planning on a system-wide level, approach issues with a solution-oriented philosophy, and care deeply about expanding economic and life opportunity for young Louisianans.

Salary: $85,000.00-$93,033.00 Date Posted: 11/1/16 | Closing Date: Open until filled. 

To apply for the Executive Director of Federal Program Delivery position, please email your resume to Bridget Devlin at 

About NM PED: For decades, New Mexico has ranked 49th in the nation on most measures of student achievement and educational opportunities for its students. In 2010, with the appointment of Hanna Skandera to serve as New Mexico's Secretary of Education, New Mexico began developing and implementing bold, state-wide reforms aimed at fundamentally changing the public education landscape for the state's 330,000 students.  PED's ultimate goal is to become first in the nation in student achievement growth so that every student in New Mexico is on track to graduate from school ready for college and career. Over the last five years, PED, in collaboration with New Mexico educators and district leaders, has relentlessly pursued, developed, and implemented hard-hitting state-wide reforms and improvements, including: an A-F school grading system, a teacher and principal evaluation system, Common Core state standards, the PARCC annual assessment. PED has also tailored support for struggling schools, expanded early childhood and literacy programs and college and workforce readiness programs, fostered growth of charter schools and other options to increase parent choice, and innovative educator preparation, recruitment, and retention policies. The state has also significantly increased its education spending, with nearly half of its $6.235 billion budget allocated to supporting public schools and classrooms this year. As a result, New Mexico is on the cusp of major and significant changes to the educational opportunities and outcomes for our students, 61% of whom are Hispanic, 11% of whom are Native American, and 72% of whom are low-income.

Title: General Counsel 
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Description: The General Counsel is an exempt position which reports directly to the Secretary of Education.   

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Advising and representing the Department and Secretary in all legal affairs
  • Provides expert and strategic legal advice to management
  • Evaluates and weighs multiple inputs and impacts of any decision or course of action
  • Anticipates issues and estimates risks strategically
  • Identifies proactive solutions that will eliminate or mitigate risks
  • Creates associations of trust and respect with key stakeholders
  • Keeping abreast of legislative changes
  • Managing an office of 8 attorneys and support staff
  • Assigning legal tasks within the Office of General Counsel, coordinating with outside counsel and the Risk Management Division. Managing outside counsel representing the Department in a number of high-profile cases with significant statewide implications
  • Overseeing the state-level complaint process under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and for ensuring compliance with IDEA
  • Prosecuting actions against licensees and applicants
  • Advising the Department with regard to proposed legislation and regulations

In addition, the General Counsel may be called upon to testify before the legislature or other public bodies, advise the Department with regard to compliance in federally funded programs, and must be able to effectively interact with counterparts in other agencies.  The General Counsel must also be able to advise the Department in Human Resources matters, and other internal matters. 

Skill and experience in litigation and administrative law is critical. Excellent people skills and the ability to handle multiple objectives with competing deadlines are necessary.


  • Proven general counseling experience in business or education environment Overall broad legal knowledge
  • In-depth understanding of how legal issues affect organizations
  • Ability to develop legal strategy and objectives
  • High degree of professional ethics, integrity and gravitas
  • Excellent judgement and analytical skills
  • First class interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to anticipate legal issues or risks and to "see around the corner"
  • J.D. degree 

Please email your resume to Rebecca Jones at Date Posted: 10/3/16 Closing Date: Open until filled

Title: Chief of Staff
 Santa Fe, New Mexico

Description: The Chief of Staff serves on Secretary of Education Hanna Skandera's executive team and oversees the overall strategic direction of the PED. 

Primary responsibilities include:

  •     Ensuring agency staff is organized and has the necessary resources and support to do their work well, and that the day to day operations and programs of the agency are running smoothly
  •     Advising the Secretary of Education on key policy and organizational decisions
  •     Overseeing the agency's outgoing messaging and communications
  •     Ensuring the Secretary of Education is staffed appropriately and prepared for all external meetings and appointments
  •     Managing the agency's Deputy Secretaries and Communications team
  •     Managing the coordination and collaboration of the agency's leadership team, including planning for and facilitating regular leadership team meetings and briefings
  •     Providing thought partnership and decision-making guidance for the agency's division chiefs to ensure alignment to the agency's strategic plan and goals
  •     Supporting and leading on special projects and priorities for the Secretary and agency
  •     Identifying improvements to be made to various operations and processes in the agency and working with appropriate staff to facilitate the necessary changes
  •     Acting as the agency's representative to the Governor's office and to other external entities as directed by the Secretary or if the Secretary is unavailable

Qualifications: The successful candidate:

  •     Is passionate and driven by the mission of an excellent public education for all students
  •     Is goal- and results-oriented
  •     Is an organized, strategic thinker and can see the big picture
  •     Is highly skilled at connecting seemingly unrelated dots and quickly coming up with multiple, creative solutions to problems
  •     Has a track record of decisive, data-driven decision making and successfully producing outcomes even in ambiguous or difficult situations
  •     Has excellent writing and editing skills
  •     Has strong political instincts
  •     Has exceptional interpersonal skills and can connect and collaborate with a diverse group of individuals
  •     Enjoys collaborating and working in a fast-paced environment
  •     Is a seasoned manager and team leader
  •     Has significant work experience with leading organizational change and understands the various complexities of organizational dynamics
  •     Has expertise in various content areas as they relate to education reform policies and practices  

Please email your resume to Rebecca Jones at Date Posted: 08/3/16 Closing Date: Open until filled