Confronting the Quiet Crisis: How Chief State School Officers are Advancing Quality Early Childhood Opportunities

This report shows how chiefs in five states led efforts to expand and improve early learning opportunities.


Connecting High-Quality Expanded Learning Opportunities and the Common Core State Standards to Advance Student Success

This brief explores ways to strengthen ELOs by building their connection to the Common Core State Standards Initiative.


Supporting Student Success: The Promise of Expanded Learning Opportunities

This report describes policy strategies pursued by six states with funding from the Mott Foundation to integrate expanded learning opportunities into education reform.


Innovate to Educate: System [Re]Design for Personalized Learning - A Report from the 2010 Symposium

On August 4-6, 2010, CCSSO, ACSD, and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) convened 150 education thought leaders, practitioners, and technology providers in Boston, Massachusetts for an invitation-only discussion on the need for the systemic redesign of our K-12 education system to one that is centered on the personalized learning needs of each student. This report summarizes that two-day discussion and outlines the shared vision, views, and recommended action steps of the participants.


Partnership for Next Generation Learning Overview

Over the past two years, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has been engaged in an intensive effort to chart a course to transform our public education system. To bring this vision to reality, CCSSO has formed an alliance with the Stupski Foundation to create the Partnership for Next Generation Learning (NxGL).


A Quiet Crisis (Early Childhood) Policy Statement

A quiet crisis is threatening the future of America. Deeply rooted achievement gaps andshortfalls, and a lack of high-quality early learning opportunities compromise the potentialof too many children. America vows to be the country of hope and opportunity for all, but itfails to fulfill this promise to our youngest citizens. We celebrate their birth, but then waitto see if they succeed in school before we pay attention to their strengths and needs. Unlikemany other countries, we fail to make the most of the opportunities to foster children’s lifelongmotivation and engagement in learning through exploration, discovery, and discussion in theearly learning years.


TRANSFORMING EDUCATION: Delivering on Our Promise to Every Child

It is imperative that we transform the national education agenda so that each and every child may succeed. CCSSO, has worked in collaboration with members, partners and thought leaders to identify four areas of focus that will lead the systems change necessary for a true transformation of teaching and learning. Those areas are Next Generation Learning; Standards, Assessment, and Accountability; System of Educator Development; and Comprehensive Data Systems.


Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Policy Statement

Since 1998, CCSSO has researched and developed activities to build state capacity to support the growth, implementation, and sustainability of high-quality ELOs. This policy statement, which was adopted by the CCSSO membership in 2006, outlines CCSSO's continued commitment and strategy to supporting Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO).


Summer Learning Opportunities in High-Poverty Schools

report highlights five effective summer learning programs, based in high-poverty schools, that have contributed to improved student achievement.


The Quality Imperative: A State Guide to Achieving the Promise of Expanded Learning Opportunities

This publication highlights the characteristics of high-quality ELOs and the specific action steps state leaders can take to lead the effort to implement a comprehensive state ELO quality system.