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The Quality Imperative: A State Guide to Achieving the Promise of Expanded Learning Opportunities

Author(s)Daniel Princiotta and Ayeola Fortune
publication pdfThe Quality Imperative

While research has shown that expanded learning opportunities (ELOs) can improve a variety of student outcomes, all ELOs do not produce similar results. Based on the quality of ELO programming and its implementation, it is even possible to see a negative impact on youth development. Therefore, chief state school officers, governors, and other state leaders should act to support the development, sustainability, and availability of high-quality ELOs.

State leaders have initiated improvement efforts by developing program standards, creating program self-assessment tools, and providing technical assistance to local programs. State leaders can build on and strengthen these efforts by integrating them into a broader state ELO quality system. This publication, developed by CCSSO in partnership with the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices with funding and support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, highlights the characteristics of high-quality ELOs and the specific action steps state leaders can take to lead the effort to implement a comprehensive state ELO quality system.