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TRANSFORMING EDUCATION: Delivering on Our Promise to Every Child

Publication dateOctober 2009
publication pdfTransforming Education: Delivering on Our Promise to Every Child

It is imperative that we transform the national education agenda so that each and every child may succeed. CCSSO, has worked in collaboration with members, partners and thought leaders to identify four areas of focus that will lead the systems change necessary for a true transformation of teaching and learning. Those areas are Next Generation Learning; Standards, Assessment, and Accountability; System of Educator Development; and Comprehensive Data Systems.

After receiving feedback on initial white papers in each of the four areas of focus back in November 2008, this whitepaper serves as a discussion document. The main purpose and intention of this document is to fuel discussion, establish a rationale for why we have chosen these four areas of work, highlight the connections among the areas, and outline next steps. The content contained in this document will be used to shape and inform our specific programmatic work, advocacy agenda, fundraising efforts, and other communications materials.