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State Indicators of Science and Mathematics Education 2007

Author(s)Rolf K. Blank, Doreen Langesen, Adam Petermann
Publication dateJanuary 2007
publication pdfState Indicators of Science and Mathematics Education 2007
KeywordsMath & Science Indicators-Science and Math Education

The present report on state indicators of science and math education for 2007 is the latest in a series of biennial reports on state and national indicators that were initiated in 1991. The reports are intended for use by policymakers, educators, and researchers.

The Council's efforts to develop and report a set of comparable, reliable indicators of science mathematics education have been supported by the state departments of education, the National Science Foundation, and the National Center for Education Statistics of the U.S. Department of education. State education leaders, researchers, and professional organizations made major contributions in development of the indicators system through advice on selection of indicators, collecting and reporting data from schools, and disseminating the indicators within states.

The 2007 edition of the Science and Mathematics Indicator series includes four parts:
1. State-level Science and Mathematics Secondary Student Course Enrollments and Teacher Assignments
2. Closing the Gap in Reading and Math: NAEP Trends Show Significant Positive Effects for Almost Half the States.
3. Closing the Gap in Science Achievement: Using NAEP Science Assessment Scores to Analyze State Trends
4. 50-State Analysis of the Preparation of Teachers and the Conditions for Teaching, based on SASS teacher surveys

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