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Standards for Educational Leaders: An Analysis

Author(s)Mary Canole; Michelle Young
Publication dateJune 2013
publication pdfStandards for Education Leaders: An Analysis

The purpose of this report: Standards for Educational Leaders: An Analysis, written by Mary Canole (CCSSO) and Michelle D. Young (UCEA), is to review the ISLLC 2008 standards in light of today's educational context, research and practice. This report includes eight sections and a series of appendices.

These sections include:

1) an analysis of leadership standards;

2) a history of the ISLLC standards and CCSSO's Performance Expectations and Indicators for Education Leaders;

3) key changes in the education context since 2007;

4) the development of leadership standards in cutting edge districts;

5) large urban districts putting leadership standards to work in principal evaluation systems;

6) leadership research since 2007;

7) a mapping of leadership standards and a review of previous mapping work including studies of state and district leadership standards currently in use and the differences between these current standards and the ISLLC 2008 standards; and,

8) questions to inform stakeholder discussions concerning the review of leadership standards as related to whether a new set of leadership standards should be developed to serve as living documents, responsive to ongoing changes in the education context. 


CCSSO gratefully acknowledge support from The Wallace Foundation for this report.