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Science Assessment Item Collaborative High School Item Cluster Prototype

In response to requests from chiefs, in January 2015 CCSSO established a collaborative, the Science Assessment Item Collaborative (SAIC), to support states in moving to assessments aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The ultimate goal of this collaborative is to develop high-quality assessment items aligned to the NGSS that are accessible to states. Because the nature of assessments aligned to the NGSS is significantly different from traditional science assessments, the group determined that it would be useful to develop certain resources to establish a shared understanding of the nuance of the new assessments before moving to item development. 

During the first phase of this work, the group, in partnership with WestEd, developed several resources: an assessment frameworkitem specifications guidelines, and prototype items for grade 5 and high school. These resources are freely available to all states. The Science Assessment Item Collaborative (SAIC) High School Item Cluster Prototype was designed to follow the principles and recommendations set forth in the SAIC Assessment Framework and Item Specifications Guidelines for an NGSS-aligned large-scale summative assessment item cluster. The intended uses of this prototype are:

  1. To serve as an initial model for measuring the three-dimensional science learning called for in the NGSS (NGSS Lead States, 2013) and in A Framework for K-12 Science Education (hereafter "the K-12 Framework") (NRC, 2012).
  2. To support states in guiding their test vendors with the design and development of NGSS-aligned assessments.
  3. To promote ongoing dialogue, in the science education and assessment communities, about the vision for a truly next-generation science assessment and the opportunity to develop a research-supported, innovative, large-scale assessment for measuring the NGSS.

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