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SDI FAQ Topic 1- Identification of Schools

Publication dateSeptember 2016
publication pdfSDI FAQ Topic 1- Identification of Schools

The No Child Left Behind Act's (NCLB's) identification for school improvement, corrective action, restructuring, public school choice, and supplemental educational services (SES) are replaced with two categories:

  1. Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), and
  2. Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI).

Comprehensive Support and Improvement - Beginning with school year 2017-2018 and at leastonce every 3 years, state education agencies (SEAs) identify schools for "comprehensive support andimprovement." SEAs are also required to set exit criteria for schools that are identified. Schools that meet the following criteria are required to be identified:

  • The 5 percent lowest performing Title I schools in the state (as determined by the indexand differentiation process);
  • High schools that graduate less than two-thirds of their students, based on four-yeargraduation rates; and
  • Title I schools for which a subgroup is consistently underperforming at the same level as aschool in lowest 5 percent category for a state-determined number of years.

Targeted Support and Improvement - In addition to identification for comprehensive support andimprovement, the SEA annually notifies local education agencies (LEAs) with schools which have at least one "consistently underperforming" subgroup. Beginning with school year 2017-2018, SEAsidentify these schools for "targeted support and improvement." Further, the SEA must notify LEAs with schools that have at least one subgroup performing as poorly as all students in the lowest performing five percent of Title I schools for "additional" targeted support and improvement. An LEA set-aside for supplemental education services (SES) and public school choice is no longer required.

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