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Roadmap for Next-Generation State Accountability Principles

The Roadmap for Developing Next-Generation Accountability Systems (the "Roadmap") starts to operationalize the principles. It presents a vision for next-generation accountability systems to support college and career readiness for all students. It is written by and for states, building on our leadership toward college and career readiness.

This Roadmap has two core purposes:

  • To serve as a statement of state leadership in developing more robust and meaningful educational accountability systems; and
  • To provide a guide for state action in developing and implementing next-generation accountability systems.

This Roadmap will assist states in developing their next-generation state accountability systems and will aid states in transitioning to these enhanced systems. This Roadmap seeks to put a clear, usable framework on what is a complex set of issues. Further, this roadmap is not meant to answer every question, but to provide a framework for deeper action by clearly identifying the core elements and issues that must be addressed in developing next-generation accountability systems. Finally, this Roadmap is meant primarily to guide state action. While the Roadmap has direct implications for federal law, which are summarized in concrete recommendations toward the end of the document, it is not our intent that all dimensions of this framework be codified in federal law. On the contrary, the strong belief of CCSSO and the Taskforce is that next-generation accountability systems require a great degree of state innovation, within a general framework, as well as continuous improvement over time.

The Roadmap focuses on school and district accountability, while acknowledging that next-generation accountability systems must fully align with other core reforms, including emerging teacher and leader evaluation systems and other capacity-building efforts.

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