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Principles and Processes for State Leadership on Next-Generation Accountability Systems

Outlined in this document are the main principles and processes that should serve as the basis for developing next generation accountability systems. These principles serve as the framework for the design of new accountability systems and each state will build upon these principles to develop its own unique system that best fits its specific needs.

The principles are:

  1. Alignment of performance goals to college- and career-ready standards. 
  2. Annual determinations for each school and district. 
  3. Focus on student outcomes. 
  4. Continued Commitment to Disaggregation. 
  5. Reporting of timely, actionable, and accessible data. 
  6. Deeper diagnostic reviews. 
  7. Building school and district capacity. 
  8. Targeting lowest performing schools.
  9. Innovation, evaluation, and continuous improvement.

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