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Performance Expectations and Indicators for Education Leaders for Education Leaders

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Writing of the Performance Expectations and Indicatorswas carried out under the aegis of CCSSO's State
Consortium on Education Leadership (SCEL). The contributors considered a wide array of options about
what education leaders should know and do, now and in the future. They developed a truly national
perspective on leadership expectations that transcends differences in state and local settings. They
challenged each other to think deeply about research, practice, needs of future leaders, and how
performance descriptors could convey high expectations during a time of increasing accountability and
other pressures on educators. They set high expectations for leaders that are attainable over time
through careful career planning and quality professional development. The process and products of this
collaboration also contributed to the creation of the Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC
2008 (which updated the 1996 Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards for School
Leaders) with other members of the National Policy Board for Educational Administration and informed
new national assessments for certification/licensure. Given the consortium's national representation
and timeliness of the work, the Performance Expectations and Indicators serve as a guide to
implementing broad leadership policy standards.