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Funding Streams to Assist Supports and Interventions

Author(s)Julie Corbett and Kirsten Taylor Carr
Publication dateNovember 2015
publication pdfFunding Streams to Assist Supports and Interventions

Federal and state funding sources are often allocated to finance supports and interventions for schools and districts, particularly for those efforts in a state's lowest performing schools. The need for one concise document that describes the most relevant support and intervention funding streams emerged at a recent Supports & Interventions State Collaboratives on Assessment and Student Standards (SCASS) meeting. The 2014-15 state members of the S& I SCASS brainstormed the various funding streams that are used most often in their work. Additional research was then completed to add other funding sources and provide detail. This list is not meant to be inclusive of all state or federal funding streams, but it does provide the most utilized streams and includes high-level information about how the funding could be used to assist support and intervention work. This resource is intended to serve as a guide and to help make other SEA and LEA staff aware of funding opportunities. It is a working document that we expect to evolve over time. 

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