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Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Policy Statement

Publication dateJanuary 2006
publication pdfExpanded Learning Opportunities Policy 2006

As state education agencies have primary responsibility for ensuring that all students in their state have access to high-quality education, they are well positioned to provide decisive and visible leadership for the incorporation of expanded learning opportunities (ELOs) into a sustained, comprehensive strategy that aims to promote academic success for all learners, engage students as contributing members of their schools and communities, promote positive social development, and reduce behaviors that put young peoples' futures at risk.

Since 1998, CCSSO has researched and developed activities to build state capacity to support the growth, implementation, and sustainability of high-quality ELOs. This policy statement, which was adopted by the CCSSO membership in 2006, outlines CCSSO's continued commitment and strategy to supporting ELOs as part of a comprehensive school reform strategy for next generation learners by conducting research to identify best practices at state and local levels, providing technical assistance to state administrators of federally-funded programs, supporting emerging statewide ELO networks, and increasing awareness at all levels of the potential of ELOs as a means of ensuring equal access to high-quality education for all students.