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Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC 2008 as Adopted by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration

Publication dateApril 2008
publication pdfISLLC 2008

This document represents the latest set of high-level policy standards for education leadership. It provides guidance to state policymakers as they work to improve education leadership preparation, licensure, evaluation, and professional development. As adopted by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA), these standards reflect the wealth of new information and lessons learned about education leadership over the past decade.

Part I discusses the high-profile demands placed on education leaders to raise student achievement and the role that policy standards can play in helping them meet these growing expectations. Part II describes the differences between ISLLC 2008 and the original leadership standards (published in 1996), reviews the updating process, and makes the case for the development of the new policy standards. Part III describes some of the highlights from research on education leadership conducted over the last decade, while Part IV explains how the policy standards form the foundation for a continuum of policies and activities that guide education leaders throughout their careers. Part V presents the new policy standards, while Part VI describes specific activities that can be guided by ISLLC 2008.