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College and Career Readiness Standards and Research-Identified Transition Skills

Author(s)Dr. Amber McConnell and Dr. James E. Martin
Publication dateOctober 2016
publication pdfCollege and Career Readiness Standards and Research-Identified Transition Skills

Transition skills and academic skills can be taught simultaneously. With this tool, we aligned Common Core College and Career Readiness Standards, Common Core Language Arts Standards, and research-identified skills students need to obtain employment or participate in further education after high school. The activities and annual transition goals are arranged on a continuum to accommodate students with the least support needs to students with more support needs.

We intend this tool to be used as a guide to generate additional annual transition goals using core standards. The examples given may be modified to better suit the students you teach. The measureable statements should be modified to meet the needs of individual students. Similar state standards may be used in place of the Common Core standards.

The research-identified skills derived from two sources (a) Ju, Zhang, and Pacha's (2012) article, "Employability Skills Valued by Employers Important for Entry-Level Employee With and Without Disabilities" and (b) McConnell, Martin, Hennessy, Terry, el-Kazimi, Pannells, and Willis' (2013) article, "Identifying Nonacademic Behaviors Associated with Post-School Employment and Education." 

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