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CCSSO and New Mexico Strive to Bring the Highest Level of Education to Our Students

Hanna Skandera, the New Mexico Secretary of Education, and the New Mexico Public Education Department are working hard to make sure all schools are lead by teachers and leaders who have passion, courage, a commitment to student success and to each other, incredible excitement, and high expectations. Together with CCSSO they are striving to bring the highest level of education to students in New Mexico and the country. They are working hard to support and challenge teacher and leaders who want to improve, because student performance isn't just a teacher issue, but a principal, superintendent, and state issue too.

Principals Pursuing Excellence is a program whose theory of action states strong school leadership drives student achievement. The program focuses on levers to change school culture, student and staff culture, elevate the use of coaching and feedback, and pushes leaders to think of schools as systemd. Through a mentorship program, principals work through a highly structured 90 day plan to define root causes, set benchmarks and goals for success, and be build accountability for each other.  

For more information on New Mexico's Public Education Department and the Principals Pursuing Excellence work, please click the link above.

Please watch the short video below to learn more about CCSSO's visit to New Mexico and the work they are doing.