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Research and Development (R&D) Service

CCSSO's Research and Development (R&D) service assists chief state school officers by providing meaningful interactions between policymakers and leading evidence and research expertise. To foster greater innovation and effectiveness in the education sector, we believe we must draw together the disparate pieces of educational evidence and expertise into a collaborative and mutually beneficial community. An R&D Advisory committee - composed of diverse experts within educational research, development, and practitioner communities - helps guide R&D service activities.

To make valuable state-level resources more accessible to chiefs, CCSSO is working to create a hub for state-level resources that can help chief state school officers to operate and innovate on behalf of America's children. By reorganizing its own resources and expanding its online presence and offerings, CCSSO helps to make valuable state-level resources more accessible to chiefs. In addition, by synthesizing research and convening experts around state education leaders' most essential questions, the R&D service helps locate and translate the most reliable and actionable evidence to guide state policy development and implementation.  

CCSSO helps link chiefs and state-level practitioners with both published evidence and live research expertise through:

  • Research syntheses that draw themes from best evidence on a given topic and translate findings into policy considerations
  • Roundtable discussions that bring state-level practitioners in conversation with R&D experts
  • Real-time responses to chiefs' research inquires and brokering of research-to-practitioner relationships
  • Research support to key cross-state initiatives such as CCSSO's Innovation Lab Network and Common Core implementation efforts

Contact:Jennifer Poonjennifer.poon@ccsso.org202-336-7051