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State of the States: Open Educational Resources in K-12 Education

The implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will create new opportunities for states to collaborate and leverage investments of public funds around materials, resources, and professional development related to digital content that can be more freely accessed, used and shared across states.

Several states expressed an interest to the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in exploring the development and dissemination of this digital content in the form of open educational resources (OER), which are teaching materials licensed for free use and repurposing. In response to that interest, CCSSO conducted a survey of states in May 2014 to collect information about the current 'state of the states' as it relates to OER. The 2014 report highlights those results and provides examples of ongoing work related to OER. This report also strives to inform and connect those chiefs and senior level state education agency (SEA) staff interested in OER to encourage cross-state understanding and collaboration with the potential to both share content and resources in this space.

A majority of states surveyed in 2014 expressed interest in learning what others are doing around OER. In response to that interest, this year's OER reasearch focused on qualitative case studies to showcase examples of what OER looks like at the state, district, and classroom level. 

2015 Update to State of the States: Open Educational Resources in K-12 Education

In 2015, states were provided an opportunity to update their information. The table and bar graph below reflect an update to last year's survey results. States marked (*) confirmed or updated their data from the original survey. With the addition of Georgia to this year's data, the table now includes data from 45 states, territories (Guam, Virgin Islands), and education entities (Bureau of Indian Education- BIE, Department of Defense Education Activity). 

When compared to the 2014 survey results, there was an increase in the number of states answering 'yes' on every question. The biggest change was for 'Question 1: Is your state currently planning any OER initiatives?' In 2014, 20 states reported 'yes', while in 2015 that increased to 23 states. This year's case studies feature stories on OER use and implementation from schools, districts, or state education agencies in the following states: California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Nevada, Utah, and Washington. 

2015 Updated Table 1: A Selection of State Survey Responses

2015 Table 1: A Selection of State Survey Responses


Bar chart of state survey responses


2014 State of the States: Open Educational Resources in K-12 Education

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