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OER the Great Disruptor

By Erika Aparaka

September 2017

"Don't ask students what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what problem they want to solve and what they need to learn to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities to solve that problem!" -Jamie Casap, Google Education Evangelist

#GoOpenVA Keynote speaker, Jamie Casap from Google, challenged participants to think differently about educational technology, collaborative learning, and education's role as a poverty disruptor...READ MORE

Aerial view of Kotzebue Analysis: How OER Is Boosting School Performance and Equity From the Suburbs to the Arctic
By: Layla Bonnot
August 2017

Kotzebue, a village in Northern Alaska, knows the meaning of "challenge" when it comes to education. The remote community is part of the Northwest Arctic Borough School District, which serves about 2,000 students who come from 11 villages of Inupiaq Eskimos spread across an area the size of Virginia...READ MORE

Children sitting at a row of computers

OER: Providing Options to All Kids 

By: Erika Aparaka
June 2017

In the education policy world, we talk a lot about meeting the needs of individual students, no matter where they live or go to school...READ MORE

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#GoOpen Mid-Atlantic Convening

By: Erika Aparaka
April 2017

On March 17, I had the opportunity to attend the first #GoOpen Mid- Atlantic  Convening hosted by Colonial School District in New Castle, DE. The district  maintains...READ MORE

Le Pont des Arts

OER, Cultural Relevance and Equity 

By: Erika Aparaka

March 2017

With a rapidly approaching demographic shift in the United States, #GoOpen efforts by states should incorporate attention to culturally

relevant instructional materials. By 2044...READ MORE

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New Tool Arrives for Refining The OER Vetting Process

By: Erika Aparaka

February 2017

Open Educational Resources (OER) provide a vast assortment of opportunities and useful tools, as well as potential pitfalls if they aren't properly vetted. States are sensitive to this reality...READ MORE

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The Future of Learning Technologies and Open Educational Resources

By: Austin Beck

January 2017

In this blog post, I share a few personal thoughts about the future of learning with technology and the role of open educational resources (OER) in that future... READ MORE

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OER YouTube Playlist

By: Austin Beck

December 2016

We are excited to announce the release of our YouTube OER playlist! These set of videos answer basic FAQs surrounding the use of open educational resources (OER)... READ MORE

Teachers editing documents on computers

#GoOpen Anniversary - Indiana

November 2016

In 2009, a legislative change in Indiana allowed textbook funding to be used for technology purchases. This change spurred the state into action... READ MORE

#GoOpen Anniversary - Maryland

November 2016

After attending a #GoOpen meeting in D.C., Maryland leaders decided that adopting open educational resources would benefit the state... READ MORE

 Michigan Open Book project logo

#GoOpen Anniversary - Michigan

November 2016

Michigan was incentivized to #GoOpen because of the success of a project they completed around social studies curriculum. The state's legislatively appropriated Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant... READ MORE

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#GoOpen Anniversary - Rhode Island

November 2016

The Rhode Island Department of Education has been experimenting with open educational resources (OER) for a long time. Joining the #GoOpen campaign was a natural choice because of their history in this space... READ MORE

#GoOpen Anniversary - Utah

November 2016

The open movement in Utah began several years ago when researchers worked with schools in Nebo School District to test open educational resources (OER) in middle and high school science classrooms... READ MORE

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OER in K-12 Education - What does the research tell us?

By: Austin Beck

October 2016

With the momentum of the K-12 open movement, including the #GoOpen campaign, it is an important time to take a look at the research on K-12 OER adoption. Looking at the research reveals what we understand about OER... READ MORE

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The Creative Commons Licenses Facilitate Widespread Sharing of OER

By: Delisa Morris

September 2016

There would be no such thing as Open Educational Resources (OER), without the Creative Commons licenses.  And there would be no Creative Commons licenses without the Creative Commons organization... READ MORE

Students looking at a laptop computer

Illinois Goes Open

By: Delisa Morris

August 2016

How could Open Educational Resources (OER) help all teachers across Illinois improve their classrooms? It all came down to the resources for the state's core #GoOpen team... READ MORE

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Open Educational Resources: Transforming the Classroom Experience

By: Chris Minnich (Published in the Huffington Post)

July 2016

Revolutionary. That's how Erin English, Director of Blended and Online Learning and principal of Vista Visions Academy in the Vista Unified School District of California, describes her district's use of Open Educational Resources (OER)... READ MORE

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