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Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP)


In 2012, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) convened a Task Force on Transforming Educator Preparation and Entry into the Profession that issued a call to action to chief state school officers and identified action steps that states could take to improve the workforce upon entry into the education profession. The task force was composed of current and former chiefs as well as representatives from the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) and the National Governors Association (NGA), and was chaired by Tom Luna, Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Chief state school officers along with their state partner organizations and other stakeholders are poised to roll up their sleeves to ensure that teachers and principals are ready to enter the profession equipped with the knowledge and skills to prepare students for college- and career-readiness. As of February 5, 2013, 27 states answered the Call to Action and have indicated a willingness to implement the ten recommended action steps included in the task force report. The ten action steps fall within three state specific policy levers: (1) Licensure, (2) Program Approval, and (3) Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting.  For more information and access to the report: Click Here  

The Aligned Action Network

The Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP) utilizes the aligned action network model, linked here . The purpose of the network is to mobilize stakeholders in different parts of a system to act in concert, help build a shared understanding of the system and the problem, develop consensus around a common vision, align strategies around that vision, and support one another in the execution. More specifically NTEP, focuses on these four outcomes as a results of the network's actions: transform licensure policies and systems, transform program approval policies systems, and standards, transform data systems to support continuous improvement of educator preparation, and engage stakeholders to develop and implement this new system of educator preparation.

Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP)

The Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP) is composed of two cohorts of states. Cohort One began in 2013 with seven states. Cohort Two launched in 2015, and today 13 states are participating in NTEP: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington. Additionally, there are about two dozen national collaborators, listed here,  involved in NTEP who support the work in states and of the network as communications and thought partners, providing resources and expertise in the service of the states as they work towards implementation of the recommendations from the chiefs task force report Our Responsibility, Our Promise. The Network meets face-to-face periodically and engages in virtual collaboration throughout the year to develop and refine their plans for achieving their goals. 

50 State Scan and Developing State Data Capacity

The Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP) is committed to supporting states in developing systems to collect, analyze and report on outcome data from educator preparation programs and helping states leverage their data systems to drive continuous improvement to ensure that all teachers are learner-ready and principals school-ready on Day One.

As part of this continued focus on supporting continuous improvement and to better understand how teacher preparation programs are evaluated, CCSSO partnered with Teacher Preparation Analytics to conduct a first-of-its-kind scan of teacher preparation evaluation systems for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The report, Accountability in Teacher Preparation: Policies and Data in the 50 States and DC, brought encouraging news that states are moving in the right direction and NTEP states are significantly farther along in the reform process.

While the scan uncovers a story of progress for many states, there is still much work to be done to ensure every program graduates educators ready for the challenges they'll face in the classroom and in schools. CCSSO sees a tremendous opportunity for states to learn from each other and states participating in NTEP are well-positioned to help lead the way. NTEP state officials continue to work with the educator preparation professionals and other research, assessment and evaluation experts to continue to improve and track the quality of preparation programs. The full report can be viewed here.


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