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Leadership Academy

CCSSO's Leadership Academy

The Council of Chief State School Officers created the Leadership Academy in 2014 to meet the needs of chief state school officers and their senior leadership teams. In the midst of near-constant change in public education today, the roles and responsibilities of chief state school officers and their agencies continue to evolve and expand. Chiefs are implementing higher academic standards, reinventing systems that develop and support effective teachers, exploring and adopting new technologies, and navigating a challenging political landscape - all in the pursuit of helping every kid succeed. Too often leaders are caught between wanting to drive meaningful reform and the realities of how state agencies typically operate.

About the Leadership Academy?
Through CCSSO's Leadership Academy, chief state school officers and their senior leadership teams will find trusted support and guidance to support leadership development and build capacity to help them navigate challenges and turn what may seem like overwhelming challenges into manageable ones.

The Leadership Academy is open to any member of CCSSO.  

The Leadership Playbook  
CCSSO's Leadership Academy is based on the foundational document, the Leadership Playbook for Chief State School Officers

CCSSO also has developed the Inspirational Leadership Self-Assessment, a tool that aims to help chiefs and members of their senior leadership team manage their own personal learning and development by reflecting on the elements of the Leadership Playbook. The self-assessment does not measure competency, but helps identify specific leadership behaviors that can be areas of focus for future development. 

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