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Formative Assessment for Students and Teachers (FAST)

Since 2006, the Formative Assessment for Students (FAST) SCASS has expanded the implementation of formative assessment in the classroom to positively impact teaching and learning. This work focuses on advancing the thinking of member states about formative assessment. The FAST SCASS develops materials and resources to support the implementation of formative assessment and advocacy nation-wide. FAST SCASS work has been strongly grounded in research on formative assessment practices, and has been consistently guided by experts in the field, including Jim Popham, Dylan Wiliam, and Jim Pellegrino. The group has also worked with Education Testing Service to create a formative assessment observation tool for peer-coaching and teacher self-evaluation.

Most recently, the FAST SCASS has developed a white paper on the significance of formative assessment in achieving college and career ready standards, and a paper to guide policymakers on what they can do to support the effective implementation of formative assessment for improved student learning.  The group has also engaged with experts on the how formative assessment can promote the achievement of English language learners, and has collaborated with the ASES SCASS on joint work related to formative assessment for students with disabilities. 

In 2014-2015 the FAST SCASS will continue to develop resources to support the implementation of formative assessment across states. Members will engage with experts to advance thinking on areas of particular interest, and learn from each other with respect to states' formative assessment implementation programs.

Advisor: Margaret Heritage

Margaret Heritage, from the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards and Student Testing (CRESST) at UCLA, is an internationally recognized expert on formative assessment. She has written three books and numerous papers on formative assessment, and has made presentations on the topic all over the U.S, in Europe, India and Australia.

FAST Members 12-2-14

2014-15 Business Partners: ACT, Amplify, CTB/McGraw-Hill, ETS, Interactive Achievement, Michigan Assessment Consortium, NEA, Northwest Evaluation Association, Pearson, Renaissance Learning, SRI, and Three Ring

2014-15 Affiliates Member: WIDA

Contact:Joe Crawfordjoe.crawford@ccsso.org202-312-6436