Tools for Communicating about the Every Child Succeeds Act (ESSA) & Engaging with Stakeholders: A State Repository

Across the country, states have been hard at work creating resources to best communicate the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). While each state's plans, stakeholder engagement approach and resources will be a bit different, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. We've collected a variety of resources from more than 30 states around the country that can be adapted to meet your state's unique needs.

The resources are available in six categories:

  • Ambassador tools: an assortment of templates, guides and resources to provide to your ambassadors to use when they speak with stakeholders on the state's behalf.
  • Promotional materials: Flyers, videos and social media graphics designed to promote opportunities for stakeholders to learn more and contribute.  
  • Digital tools: an assortment of tools including web content, blog posts, infographics and other resources that can be used online.
  • Factsheets and informational materials: One-pagers, FAQs, summary documents and Powerpoint presentations all designed to inform stakeholders about the ESSA basics.
  • Tools to gather stakeholder feedback: Focus group questions, decision guides, stakeholder surveys and dialogue guides intended to generate input to inform the state's ESSA plan.
  • Stakeholder feedback summaries: Concise summaries of stakeholder input from states around the country.

If you have additional resources you'd like to add to this repository, please send them to Melissa McGrath at

For additional resources, visit the Stakeholder Engagement section of CCSSO's ESSA website. This includes CCSSO's guide, Let's Keep this Conversation Going, for helpful strategies for continuing and bolstering your stakeholder engagement efforts.

Ambassador Tools

Promotional Materials

Digital Tools

Factsheets and Informational Materials

Tools to Gather Stakeholder Feedback

  • ESSA stakeholder survey, Georgia: Survey to collect feedback to inform the initial draft of the state's plan.
  • Digital ESSA feedback form, Indiana: Simple form that allows stakeholders to respond with an open-ended comment on one of four topics, or a topic of their own choosing.
  • Accountability poster convening, Massachusetts: With the Rennie Center, Massachusetts asked organizations and individuals to design posters on the future of accountability.
  • Digital ESSA feedback form, North Carolina: Open-ended form used as part of NC's "Let's Talk" discussion boards.
  • Regional meeting discussion guide, Ohio: Discussion guides posted in advance of meetings.
  • Stakeholder questionnaire, Oklahoma: Open-ended and multiple choice stakeholder survey.
  • Oregon video, Oregon: Video of OR Deputy Superintendent Salam Noor introducing the state's draft framework and asking for input. The video is available in English and Spanish. 
  • Online feedback survey, Oregon: Survey designed to enable all stakeholders to provide input on draft elements of the state plan.
  • Template for work group recommendations, Pennsylvania: Provides template for work groups to outline framework recommendations.
  • Decision Guide, Rhode Island: Guide for stakeholders to use to understand the decisions that are left to be made.
  • Online feedback form, Tennessee: Online form stakeholders can use to submit their feedback on individual sections of the draft plan.
  • Draft ESSA plan survey, Washington: Survey collecting feedback on WA's draft consolidated ESSA plan.
  • Survey on ESSA implementation, Wisconsin: Survey gathering community questions and input on ESSA implementation.

 Stakeholder Feedback Summaries