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Meeting in a Box Toolkit for Stakeholder Engagement on the Every Student Succeeds Act

To assist states in their stakeholder engagement efforts, CCSSO, in partnership with Education First, created a Meeting in a Box Toolkit. The toolkit includes all the materials and templates a state would need to plan and run an effective in-person meetings with stakeholders.

The materials and templates in this toolkit should be customized by each state to reflect your state's vision and areas in which you need meaningful stakeholder engagement.

For more information on the Every Student Succeeds Act and stakeholder engagement, visit CCSSO's ESSA webpage.

Using the Meeting in a Box Toolkit
Before you begin, please review the Meeting in a Box Guidance to read an overview of the materials below and the best ways to use them in planning and running your meetings.

Meeting Facilitators

General Meeting Materials and Templates

Meeting Breakout Sessions
The following are materials and templates created to help facilitate topic-specific breakout sessions during a meeting. We recognize the topics of each breakout session will vary by state. The following are suggested breakout session topics as well as templates that can be used in any breakout session your state deems necessary.

Accountability Breakout Session

Assessment Breakout Session

Educator and Leader Development Breakout Session

School Improvement Breakout Session

Whole Child Breakout Session