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Early Childhood Education Assessment (ECEA)

The Early Childhood Education Assessment (ECEA) SCASS works to enhance young children's learning and school success from birth through 3rd grade by helping states design and implement standards for children & classroom/program quality, child & program assessments, and data, accountability & program improvement systems.  

ECEA meetings engage state early childhood program managers and assessment specialists in briefings by experts and cross-state dialogue on issues including social and emotional learning standards and assessments, kindergarten entry assessments, using technology to improve early childhood teaching and learning, coordination of state and federal program standards and assessments, linking early childhood and K-12 data systems and emerging research on early childhood teaching and curricula.  

The ECEA commissioned a major study of early childhood standards in other countries and a position paper on Kindergarten Entry Assessment initiatives. The Collaborative has sponsored meetings in partnership with the National Governor's Association, the BUILD Initiative, the English Language Learners SCASS and the National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education.  

In 2015-16 and beyond, ECEA-SCASS will engage participating states on challenges and innovations including:

  • Supporting early childhood and early elementary grade teachers and administrators in understanding and using child assessment data.
  • Aligning state early learning guidelines and teaching practices with kindergarten-3rd grade standards and pedagogy.
  • Improving how states assess and improve the quality of early childhood programs through program monitoring and evaluation, technical assistance efforts and linkage with Quality Rating and Improvement and Head Start/Early Head Start monitoring efforts.
  • Helping school districts and early childhood agencies understand and implement multiple assessments at the same time, such as kindergarten entry assessments, assessments generated by Grade Level Reading legislation, assessments for teacher evaluation and formative assessment initiatives.      

 Advisor:  Thomas Schultz    

Tom is Project Director for Early Childhood Initiatives at CCSSO and has worked on early childhood research and policy issues at the Office of Head Start, the Pew Charitable Trusts and the National Association of State Boards of Education. He is written numerous reports, book chapters and articles on early childhood policy and practice and presents frequently at national, regional and state meetings and conferences.

ECEA Members 12-2-14

Business Partners: Data Recognition Corporation and WIDA


Contact:Joe Crawfordjoe.crawford@ccsso.org202-312-6436