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Data Systems

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CCSSO has taken SchoolDataDirect and its affiliated site, SchoolMatters, offline for the next several months. We are exploring new technological tools and solutions that will automate the process of providing these data in a timely fashion.

CCSSO remains committed to providing access to data that can be used effectively in all education policy development and decision making.

We anticipate that SchoolDataDirect and SchoolMatters will be back online (probably as a single resource) in the not-too-distant future. It is our intent that this resource becomes the authoritative source for the data needed by states, SEAs, other education stakeholders, and others who need reliable and trusted education data.

If you have comments about CCSSO's decision to take down the sites, please send those to Also, if you have comments about your uses of the data or if you have suggestions for improving the data as we move forward with a new version, please send those to

Thank you for your patience as we take strides to improve the services and products available to our members and to the education community as a whole.

SchoolDataDirect has been offline for almost 18 months. SchoolMatters has been using a subset of the SchoolDataDirect database for the last year.

The data that support SchoolDataDirect and SchoolMatters were originally collected through a manual "harvesting" process. Those data were collected manually from existing web sites or from surveys of state education agency staff, cleansed manually, formatted manually, and moved into the online database system through manual processes. That process was developed and implemented by Standard and Poors (TM), which withdrew from the project shortly after the original system went online. That process has proven to be too cumbersome and too costly to support the data going forward. In addition, the costs of maintaining the outdated online database and the online access to that database have reached the point of diminishing returns.

Our decision to take both sites out of production makes good economic sense at this time. We also feel it makes good educational sense because the available data are so outdated. The two sites are likely to be integrated into one when put back into production.

When the site(s) come back online, CCSSO will make announcements in the media, through its affiliate organizations and partners, directly to state education agencies, and through its other communication channels.

Please send all questions and comments to Thank you.