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News Brief

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

State Chiefs Release Criteria for High-Quality Assessment

States Committed to Ensuring all Students take High-Quality Assessments Aligned to CCR Standards
Contact:Melissa McGrathmelissa.mcgrath@ccsso.org202-336-7034

States have raised the bar by adopting college- and career-ready standards, and are further exerting their leadership by committing to new criteria to ensure that new assessments match the rigor of their college- and career-ready (CCR) standards.

College- and career-ready standards challenge our students to develop a deeper understanding of subject matter, learn how to think critically, and apply what they are learning to the real world. To realize the full potential of these standards, states are designing new assessments to accurately measure student progress toward readiness. States have set forth a set of principles to ensure the assessments they select are meeting the high-bar they expect. The principles are a tool for states to hold themselves and their assessments accountable for high quality.

"It is the right and responsibility of each state to determine the appropriate path for ensuring its students are taking high-quality assessments," said CCSSO Executive Director Chris Minnich. "Regardless of the approach, all states must remain committed to ensuring that their students are taking high-quality assessments."