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Press Release

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

CCSSO Statement on President Obama’s Budget Request to Congress

CCSSO applauds the Obama Administration’s proposal to increase resources for important state education priorities and for recognizing the vital role education plays in the economic prosperity of the country.

States CCSSO Executive Director Gene Wilhoit, “Education is the solid foundation we need as a country, and as states, to ensure our students are prepared for global realities, international competitiveness, and economic demands. The focus on rewarding success and investing in reform and innovation is more than welcome, it is necessary for every state and student.”

The Council is especially pleased to see the proposed new flexibility in how funds are spent by states and the continued focus on key reform areas, particularly the emphasis on ensuring that all students graduate college- and career-ready. Additionally, CCSSO joins the Administration’s call to get reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act right and then to get it done this year. CCSSO is anxious to establish a new state-federal partnership in which states continue to lead with bold education reforms and transparent accountability in exchange for meaningful federal investments and the ability to innovate so that states develop and implement the policies that work best in their own state context.