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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CCSSO Releases Learning Progressions for Teachers

Progressions a support tool to promote and improve teacher effectiveness
Contact:Melissa McGrathmelissa.mcgrath@ccsso.org202-336-7034

CCSSO releases today learning progressions for teachers during its Annual Summit on Educator Effectiveness in Louisville, KY. The InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and Learning Progressions for Teachers 1.0:  A Resource for Ongoing Teacher Development are designed to be used by state, district, and local policy makers and staff to inform what knowledge and skills should be required for teacher licensure, developing a tiered licensure system that promotes continued growth, and building robust support components of evaluation systems.

"We owe educators, both teachers and leaders, the support and resources they need to deliver on our promise to provide a first rate education to every child," said Chris Minnich, CCSSO Executive Director. "This tool is one example of states' commitment to working with teachers to build their capacity to be effective in helping students reach college and career readiness."

The progressions are a support tool to promote and improve teacher effectiveness and growth. They describe teaching practice for each InTASC Model Core Standard across three developmental levels so teachers can see what increasingly effective practice looks like. They also explain the "shifts" in practice needed to move from one level to the next and suggest professional learning experiences that can help teachers make that shift. The progressions  can be used by mentors, coaches, and school leaders to provide feedback to teachers on their performance, as part of a continuous improvement process. Teachers and teacher candidates can use the progressions to reflect on their individual practice against a framework for development. Preparation program providers and cooperating PK-12 teachers and leaders can use the progressions to inform the preparation curriculum, including clinical practice, and a "bridge plan" for continued growth and support for pre-service teachers as they move to in-service.

The Progressions were developed by a committee of the Interstate Teacher and Assessment Support Consortium (InTASC) convened by CCSSO and is a companion resource to the Model Core Teaching Standards released by CCSSO in April 2011. To access the document, please go to


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