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News Brief

Operational Best Practices Publication Released

Contact:Adam Petermannadam.petermann@ccsso.org202-336-7076

The Operational Best Practices for Statewide Large-Scale Assessment Programs publication was officially released on Wednesday July 28. The publication, commonly referred to as Operational Best Practices, presents the first comprehensive guide for designing, developing, administering, scoring, and reporting state assessment results.

Operational Best Practices was authored by a working group formed by the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), which included several CCSSO representatives. The workgroup came together to review sample documents and create a template for writing best practices that would be clear and useful to those responsible for assessment working both state departments of education and the private sector.

The document was released during a Webinar on July 28. Both Gene Wilhoit, CCSSO executive director and G Harris, ATP chief executive officer highlighted Operational Best Practices as a source to develop a relationship between all those involved in the assessment process because it provides a guideline for states and test publishers to work collaboratively to develop quality assessments. Wilhoit explained that the publication lets "states and test publishers know their shared responsibilities and their unique responsibilities in developing tests."

Free copies of the Operational Best Practices for Statewide Large-Scale Assessment Programs are being distributed to chiefs, state education agency staff members, assessment directors and various testing publishers. Also receiving complimentary copies are the members of Congress, the U.S. department of Education, and the White House. Hard copies are available for purchase, priced at $29.99. Links to purchase this publication can be found at To read an EdWeek article about this publication, please click here. For more information please contact