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News Brief

CCSSO to Conduct Focus Group Training Webinars for Model Core Teaching Standards

CCSSO recently released a draft of new core teaching standards. The release of the standards signals the beginning of the public comment period which will run until October 15, 2010, during which time CCSSO seeks broad input on the draft standards from the education community and the public at large.

During the public comment period, CCSSO will conduct focus groups with concerned stakeholders. CCSSO is releasing resources for stakeholders to organize and conduct focus groups with their constituents. To support those interested in this endeavor, CCSSO has prepared a focus group protocol that provides a sample invitation letter, moderator script, and note-taking template.

CCSSO will conduct training webinars on the focus group protocol. To attend one of these training webinars click on a scheduled date below to participate:

To review the Model Core Teaching Standards: A Resource for State Dialogue (Draft for Public Comment) and submit comments, please go to If your organization is interested in hosting a focus group to provide input on the standards, please contact Kathleen Paliokas, Director, InTASC at CCSSO at