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Wyoming Education Director Seeks Teachers' Opinions

Wyoming Tribune-Eagle (11/23/13) Curtis, Aerin

The Wyoming Education Department seeks 12 state teachers to participate in a Teacher Cabinet that will work alongside Director Richard Crandall. "The intent is simple: It's to give teachers a voice and an opportunity to directly connect to Director Crandall [and] to create an opportunity to get a voice at the table in a structured way," says Leighton Thomas, the department's chief strategy officer. The 10-12 teachers who would participate in the 18-month council would serve from January 2014 through June 2015. "As far as those who are in today's classrooms, it's very, very critical to hear their voice and hear them weigh in," Crandall says. In addition to sharing their experiences, teachers would have a chance to give input on policy and help provide information to their home school. The agency is accepting applications through Dec. 1, 2013, and participants should provide feedback on areas for state-partnered professional development and training teachers could use for technology, among other things. "I'd love to hear back on a regular basis from classroom teachers," he said. To apply, go here.
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