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News Brief

Monday, May 05, 2014

White House Working Group on Big Data and Privacy Proposes Policy Recommendation on Data Collection of Student Information

On May 1, the "Big Data and Privacy Working Group" released a report on their findings and policy recommendations after completing a 90-day review at the direction of the President. According to a blog post by John Podesta, Counselor to the President, the group was asked to conduct "a wide-ranging review of "big data" and privacy -- to explore how these technologies are changing our economy, our government, and our society, and to consider their implications for our personal privacy."

The Workgroup consisted of Commerce Secretary Pritzker, Energy Secretary Moniz, the President's Science Advisor John Holdren, the President's Economic Advisor Jeff Zients, and other Senior Administration Officials and included input and feedback from academics, the private sector and the general public. In the policy recommendations section of the report, the Working Group recommended that the Administration, "Ensure Data Collected on Students in School is used for Educational Purposes to drive better learning outcomes while protecting students against their data being shared or used inappropriately." The fact sheet provides a summary of findings, and the full report is available here