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Testing the Test

Rhode Island Public Radio (03/18/2014) Harrison, Elisabeth

About 9,000 students across Rhode Island will field test the PARCC exam, which will replace the NECAP test next year. State Education Commissioner Deborah Gist says the field test comes at a time when designers are refining the exam, and it will help teachers, administrators, and students prepare for next year. "So there are about 9,000 students who are participating in the PARCC testing in about 260 of our schools. It's just a sampling really of different grades and classes at schools across the state," she says. The scores from the practice test, which Gist says will take three to five hours, will not count for any student or teacher evaluations. She notes that PARCC is more complex. "We don't want to create a culture in our schools where people feel stressed out. But we want them to be stretched, we want them to strive to the greatest of their abilities," she explains. Once adopted, the test will be administered twice yearly.
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