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Tennessee Releases Redesigned 2013 Report Card

Chattanoogan (Tennessee) (11/13/13)

The Tennessee Department of Education released its newly designed 2013 state Report Card on its website that offers detailed breakdowns of last year's statewide student achievement growth. Users now have the ability to create personalized comparisons between state, school, and districts on the following measures: achievement, ACT scores, graduation rate, student enrollment and ethnicity, and value-added composite scores. Parents and community members can now compare individual schools or districts, and each school has a new profile page that shows student demographics, value-added composite scores, and student achievement in one central location. State Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman says, "We think it's important for parents and students, as well as school and district leaders, to know how well their schools are doing each year. The new functionality of the 2013 Report Card allows parents and the community to organize and compare specific information about students at the state, district, and school level." The new report card also includes a new College and Career Readiness tab, which offers data on graduation rates, ACT scores, college readiness benchmarks, and the percentage of students who are eligible to receive the HOPE Scholarship. To access the newly redesigned 2013 state Report Card, go here.
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