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Teacher Guides to New Standards Now Available

Shreveport Times (LA) (03/05/14) Hasten, Mike

In a March 5 webinar presentation, Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White released state-accepted curricula for meeting the Common Core State Standards and detailed guides to help teachers plan classes. "Teachers want to know that what they're teaching every day is aligned with the Common Core State Standards," he said, stressing that "curriculum remains a local decision." Although the guidebooks indicate materials that "often are not in textbooks" to teach certain skills, he pointed out that the state does not require that the material be used. "By increasing and intensifying our support during this transition, we want to make sure our teachers have the guidance they need to learn the new expectations and best instruct students to achieve those expectations," White said. "We want our educators to know that the resources provided to them are aligned and meet the needs of their students and communities." White added that the standards will not be incorporated into state accountability assessments for two years, and another round of training for teachers who will train other teachers has been scheduled. "If every single teacher who is trained will train five others, 20,000 teachers will be trained on this model," he said.

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