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Student Results Steady on EXPLORE, PLAN Tests

The Daily Independent (Ky.) (02/17/14)

The Kentucky Department of Education reports that overall student performance on the EXPLORE and PLAN tests for eighth- and tenth-grade students, respectively, was unchanged in 2013. "We saw some minor shifts up and down in the results, but they still compare favorably with the rest of the nation. In fact, in a couple of subjects, our students outperform students elsewhere," says Kentucky Education Commissioner Dr. Terry Holliday. Since 2006, when Kentucky first started giving EXPLORE and PLAN, students have made solid gains in every subject, and more students are meeting benchmarks for high school- and college-readiness. Holliday indicates that the PLAN and EXPLORE tests will be replaced in the next year with "more up-to-date assessments that are aligned to the Kentucky Core Academic Standards," which will impact student achievement in the next three to five years.
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