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News Brief

Friday, February 28, 2014

States' Legislative Session Looks to Protect Student Data

Kansas and California were both in the news recently for introducing new legislation related to protecting student level data. In Kansas, the Senate expressed bipartisan support for the Student Data Privacy Act which explicitly prohibits the collection of biometric data and limits the sharing of student data to specific relevant parties (parents, teachers, etc.). Meanwhile in California, Senator Steinberg sponsored a bill to ensure student data is used only for educational purposes. It also requires third party vendors to, "encrypt students’ data in transit and at rest, and it would require them to delete a student’s record when it is no longer needed for the purpose the school intended." The legislation in these states seeks to expand upon the Federal requirements related to student data privacy under FERPA.

*Members of the CCSSO EIMAC Groupsite can join the, 'Privacy' workgroup to participate in a discussion around privacy legislation and share updates from their states' legislative sessions.