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State Issues Guidance for Core Math, Middle-Grade Science

Santa Clarita Valley News (11/06/13)

California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson says the State Board of Education has approved the new Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, which provides grade-level explanations and examples of the standards for mathematics practice and content, integrating mathematical thinking and conceptual understanding with procedural skills and application. "The new framework gives educators important new guidance and resources to teach students step-by-step the mathematics knowledge and skills they need to graduate ready for college and careers. From teaching strategies to evaluation criteria, it will help teachers as they work to modernize education in California," he says. The framework offers a context for implementing the state's Common Core Standards for Mathematics and provides educators guidance on instructional strategies to strengthen learning for every student, the qualities of effective professional development, technology for instruction and learning, criteria for evaluating instructional materials, assessment to improve instruction and learning, and the inclusion of financial literacy into math instruction. The State Board of Education also approved a preferred model for middle-grade learning progressions to integrate science instruction as the state moves toward the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). "This decision means that all students -- from kindergarten through graduation -- will have a smooth learning transition from grade to grade. California's economy and status rest in part on our leadership in science and technology, and these standards will help ensure our students will graduate with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed outside our classrooms," he said. The next step will be the creation of a Strategic Leadership Team, appointed by Torlakson, to develop a plan to implement the NGSS.
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