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Reading Strategies Proposed for Iowa Classrooms

Des Moines Register (11/21/13) Stegmeir, Mary

The Iowa Board of Education is considering a proposal that would only allow the nation's top strategies for teaching reading to be allowed in the state's classrooms. The proposed rules require schools to offer summer instruction for some struggling readers and provide guidance to educators on how to meet the newly activated requirements. Among the requirements are routine assessments of students' reading skills, the development of early warning systems to identify struggling readers, and ensuring teachers retain third-graders who do not meet their grade level in reading. A public hearing on the rules is scheduled for Jan. 3, and a final vote is expected in early 2014. State Education Director Brad Buck says the rules will establish standards for reading instruction, and compliance with the rules will be reviewed by the state as part of a district's accreditation process. "For some districts, this won't be much change. Others will, I believe, look at this as a grounding point," he says.
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