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News Brief

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pearson Releases Report: Impacts of the Digital Ocean on Education

On March 18th, Pearson released a report on the influx of data and its potential impact on adaptive learning for students titled, "Impacts of the Digital Ocean on Education."

According to a press release from Pearson, Impacts of the Digital Ocean on Education highlights the many possibilities and challenges that technology presents in capturing relevant data and turning it into meaningful information that teachers can use to assist their students.  Report authors Kristen DiCerbo and John Behrens argue that this transformation from 'digital desert to digital ocean' has the potential to help decipher how students learn and to help them succeed. According to a study by John Hattie in which he analysed 800 studies about factors that influenced students' achievement, the most important factor was when teachers use information about their students' learning. The report sets out the ways in which the variety and abundance of data captured when students carry out their school work could provide teachers with the key to help students learn.