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Oregon Teacher Quality: New System Will Identify Stars, Stinkers, and Thousands in Between

Oregonian (OR) (06/06/14) Hammond, Betsy

When Oregon switches next year to a new teacher evaluation system based partly on student test scores, about 10 percent to 15 percent of teachers could be identified as superstars that exceed the standards, says State Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Rob Saxton. More than 67 percent are expected to meet the standards, he says. Those in the bottom 2 percent are not necessarily going to lose their jobs, and those in the top tier are unlikely to earn bonuses, though Saxton says those would be local decisions. "The important part is sitting down and being thoughtful about goals that are set, the feedback you get on professional practice and how to move up to the next level," he says. Oregon's system does not use a formula or a standardized method to compare teachers' test score gains; rather, each teacher works with their principal to set highly customized goals for how much each students' test scores should rise. "We have been meeting with them on a monthly basis for 24 months at least, and we have indicated exactly what we were going to turn in. At every stage, we have asked hundreds of pointed questions and gotten positive feedback. We remain convinced that the body of it will meet their muster," Saxton says.
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