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Number of Texas Students Taking Advanced Placement Has More Than Doubled Over the Last Decade

North Texas e-News (02/12/14)

The number of Texas graduates taking at least one Advanced Placement exam has increased more than twofold in the last 10 years, and the number of low-income graduates taking at least one AP exam has increased fourfold. The number of Hispanic/Latino graduates taking AP has nearly tripled over the last 10 years. State Education Commissioner Michael Williams said, "Texas has made great strides in increasing AP access to a broader, more diverse group of students reflective of the changing demographics of our state. Our state ultimately benefits each year we see increased participation in the number of students participating and succeeding in the AP program." The College Board's 10th Annual AP Report to the Nation shows 35.9 percent of public high school graduates in the class of 2013 took an AP Exam, compared to 20.4 percent of graduates in the class of 2003. About 42.5 percent of Hispanic/Latino graduates took at least one AP exam in 2013, compared to just 29.6 percent in 2003. The number of graduates scoring 3 or higher on an AP exam rose to 18.5 percent from 11.9 percent.
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