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NJ High School Graduation Rate Inches Up

New Jersey 101.5 (12/04/2013) Flammia, Dino

New Jersey reports an increase in the high school graduation rate to 87.5 percent this year from 86.5 percent last year and 83.3 percent in 2011. The report shows a gain in graduation rates among African American students to 76.4 percent from 74.6 percent last year; Hispanic students to 78.6 percent from 76.7 percent; white students to 93.1 percent from 92.6 percent; Asian students to 95.9 percent from 95.3 percent; economically disadvantaged students to 77.1 percent from 75.3 percent; and students with disabilities to 75.9 percent from 74.5 percent. According to State Education Commissioner Chris Cerf, "High school graduation is a journey that takes more than a decade for an individual student, and at each point in that journey our teachers and principals are working hard to launch those students forward. Today, we celebrate those accomplishments and congratulate our students and educators."
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