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More High School Graduates Heading to College

Ashland Daily Independent (KY) (11/14/13) Maynard, Mark

The Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics issued the 2013 Kentucky High School Feedback Report, and it indicates that statewide three out of five students from the class of 2011 graduates enrolled in college, with 10 of 14 public high schools in northeastern Kentucky with better than 60 percent of their 2011 graduates enrolled in college for the 2012 academic year. Four high schools had a 90 percent or higher college-going rate, while six had a rate of less than 40 percent. Of the 44,853 Kentucky public high school graduates in 2011, 60.2 percent or 27,014 enrolled in some form of higher education, compared to 61.4 percent of those who graduated in 2010, a total of 26,858 students. State Education Commissioner Terry Holliday said, "Kentucky has made great strides in increasing its public high school graduation rates in recent years, but today's global economy requires more than just a high school diploma. The future of Kentucky's students -- and the economic well-being of the commonwealth -- depends on their ability to acquire education and training after they graduate high school. The 2013 Kentucky High School Feedback Report gives educators, parents, and community members valuable information they can use as they strive to increase student achievement and better prepare their students to succeed in college and the workforce." To view the report, go here.
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