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Maine DOE Bridges Transition to College, Careers with $500,000 in Grants

Insurance News Net (03/20/14)

Maine Gov. Paul R. LePage and Education Commissioner Jim Rier announced that 12 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Centers will receive $500,000 per year from the Maine Department of Education to support the Bridge Year Program that will enable up to 225 students to earn approximately two semesters of college credit before graduating high school. The program's participants, which could be cohorts up to 15 high school juniors and seniors, would earn up to 30 college credits from the University of Maine, allowing them to complete an Associate's Degree within 12 months of high school graduation. The courses will be taught by approved high school instructors for a cost of $45 per credit hour, and students will concurrently receive a technical skills-based education through their CTE Center to put them on a career track in occupations in the automotive, business, electrical, equipment maintenance and repair, health, and public safety fields. "This is the model for how the public K-12 system, higher education, and the workforce could be aligned in a way that engages kids early on and truly ensures their college and career readiness. We feel confident these students will go on to be very successful in college, because they already have proven they can be," said Rier. For a list of grant recipients, click here.
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