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Kentucky's Lowest Performing Schools Making Gains

Lane Report (Kentucky) (02/06/14)

According to the results of the Kentucky Board of Education's 2012-13 Unbridled Learning Assessment and Accountability System results, the state's lowest performing schools have made progress in their efforts to improve student achievement. Of the 41 schools named as Priority or Persistently Low-Achieving Schools, six schools scored in the Distinguished category, eight schools scored in the Proficient category, and 19 schools were categorized as Progressing. Eleven of the 41 schools had overall scores above the state average, 36 of 41 schools met their Annual Measureable Objective, 21 of 41 schools achieved their College- and Career-Readiness targets, and one school (Leslie County High School) progressed out of Priority status. State Education Commissioner Dr. Terry Holliday said, "These schools are focused on doing what is best for kids and ensuring their students have the skills and knowledge they need to be college- and career-ready." He also commented that the schools are proof that low-achieving schools can improve through leadership and hard work. Diagnostic reviews are being performed in the lowest-performing schools by Kentucky's Department of Education to determine the steps used to improve performance. "Leadership makes a difference. These schools need strong leadership, a strong council, and on-site support for math and literacy," he said.
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