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Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holiday Assumes Leadership of CCSSO

KyForward (12/31/13)

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has elected Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday as its next president, and he hopes to focus on communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and career-readiness in his new role. "I am proud and very humbled to serve this outstanding organization. If you look at the accomplishments of CCSSO over the last five to six years, you see an organization that is certainly a strong leader in public education," he says. In terms of communication and collaboration, Holliday says, "CCSSO must continue to look for ways that all state voices are heard and valued and reach out to other national organizations. Our voice needs to be heard in administrative and teacher organizations and we must in turn listen and act on the feedback we receive from these organizations." He also wants to expand the Innovation Lab Network from a handful of states, including Kentucky, to a national effort to find innovative ways to help more students achieve college and career-readiness standards. He says career-readiness needs to be better defined, measured, and assessed, and accountability must be increased. As Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is leading the National Governors Association Education and Workforce Committee, Holliday foresees greater collaboration. "I think CCSSO has a great chance for synergy between our organization, NGA and SREB to emphasize career-ready work," he says.
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