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Kansas' 2013 School Report Card Debuts New Annual Measurable Objectives

Kansas City Kansan (11/12/13) Sloan, Nick

The Kansas State Department of Education has released its first look at the 2013 Kansas School Report Card achievements based on the four Annual Measurable Objectives approved via the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Flexibility Waiver. The new report card provides the state with a multi-dimensional look at student achievement based on academic achievement, academic growth, proficiency gap reduction, and reduction in the percentage of students scoring below proficiency, in place of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). Based on the now-retired AYP model used to assess student achievement, 84.7 percent of Kansas students scored at or above proficient in reading on this year's assessments, signifying a 2.3 percentage point decline from 2012. The percent of Kansas students scoring at or above proficient in math fell from 85 percent in 2012 to 78.3 percent in 2013. "I am not concerned that we have seen a decrease in the percent of students scoring at or above proficient because the assessment given in the spring of 2013 was based on the former standards," said State Education Commissioner Dr. Diane DeBacker. "Our focus as a state is ensuring students can meet the higher Kansas College and Career Ready Standards that are in place. Our assessments beginning this spring will reflect these new standards and the results based upon achievement, growth, closing the gap, and reducing the number of students scoring below proficient will give us a much more accurate picture of what students know and can do."
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