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Juneau Announces Significant Increases in Montana's Graduation Rate

Beartooth NBC (02/04/14)

Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau has released the 2013 Graduation and Dropout Report. Between 2009 and 2013, the state's graduation rates rose to 84.4 percent from 80.7 percent, while the dropout rate fell from 5 percent to 3.6 percent, meaning fewer than 772 students dropped out in 2013. Juneau said, "Through the work of local Graduation Matters communities, hundreds of students' lives have been changed for the better. When you take a statewide view of the efforts to raise graduation rates and improve college and career readiness, you can see that the economic future of Montana will be forever impacted as a result of local communities and schools working to make graduation matter." In addition to the graduation rate increase, Juneau also recognized five communities and one community partner -- Graduation Matters Missoula, Graduation Matters Rocky Boy, Graduation Matters Great Falls, Graduation Matters Anaconda, Graduation Matters Belgrade, and the United Ways of Montana -- with "Graduation Matters Impact Awards" for their outstanding efforts to improve graduation rates and college and career readiness. She also said she is committed to pushing through legislation to increase the legal dropout age to "age 18 or upon graduation" and to provide state funding for students over age 18.
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